"I used to win these tournaments without too much sweat, not anymore"


The title is a quote from GM Magnus Carlsen during a livestream of his victory in the April 2021 Lichess Bullet Titled Arena. Carlsen used a more traditional opening strategy than in his last Titled Arena and had a better result. The event was close fought right up until the end, with 3 players, including Carlsen, GM Andrew Tang, and IM Toivo Keinänen taking the lead at least briefly in the last 30 minutes. Tang and Keinänen finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The event seems to be a zenith in terms of star power for a Titled Arena. In addition to Carlsen, it also featured other former Titled Arena champions like GM Alireza Firouzja, GM Daniel Naroditsky, IM Minh Le Tuan, and GM Oleksander Bortnyk.  Big streamers like NM ChessNetwork and IM Eric Rosen also took part. Rosen streamed his participation with a heartbeat monitor, possibly looking for hard evidence to back up the oft-heard comment that he is a “chill streamer.”

The date of the next Titled Arena will be announced soon.