December awesomeness

Thibault Duplessis and James 'Clarkey' ClarkeAnnouncements

This month: Correspondence chess, Antichess, Simuls, and more.

Fellow chess players, we are thrilled to announce that is growing fast! Let's review the new features that were added in December 2014:

Correspondence chess

By popular demand, slow chess is now an option! Time controls between 1 and 14 days per move. Including:

  • Dedicated lobby for correspondence games with persistent seeks (up to 5 by player).
  • Additional tab on the homepage for all of your games currently in session.
  • Analysis board while playing (ability to freely move pieces for both sides).
  • Private notes on games.
  • List of current correspondence games under the board, sorted by urgency (least time remaining first).

Correspondence games are now first-class citizens on lichess and get their own rating.

Simultaneous exhibitions

It's now possible to play them in a single browser tab!

All your games in progress are visible in mini real-time boards, right under your current game. And if you enable the "Auto switch" button, you will be taken to the most urgent game immediately after your move. Finally, the "playing" tab on your profile has been changed to a more compact format so spectators can see all your games at a glance.

All you need to do is have more than one game in play at a time and the rest is taken care of for you.

There are also rumours of Simul Tournaments. Do you bet it could land before 2015?

Antichess variant

Aknowledging the success of Chess960, Three-check, and King Of The Hill, we are now adding a very exciting variant called Antichess (aka Losing Chess).

In this mind-blowing variant, your objective is to lose all your pieces, or to be stalemated. Read more on the Wikipedia article.

And many other bits of utter awesomeness:

  • Reset password by email. Register your email now on
  • User interface improvements (KoTH boards, better functionality on top drop down menus, chess boards performance, and more).
  • Resizable boards (use the magnifying glass slider shown above).
  • Many backend performance improvements.

That was a good month.

With the compliments of lichess dev team, have great games.