Mini Update: Late June

James 'Clarkey' ClarkeAnnouncements

Notable updates for late June: Pools and AI

Notable changes for late June:

1. We have a new AI server increasing the total number of Stockfish instances to 18!

Computer analysis should be even more responsive given this new server donation from!

2. Pool auto-pairing algorithm altered to pair newly joined players with more appropriate opponents.

Previously, the pairing algorithm would take the average win rate over the past few games. This meant that any player who happened to win their first game of the session would become first seed. Now the algorithm takes the summation of the past few games, meaning a player needs to win several games consecutively to become top seed.

3. The 960 pool has been replaced with 5+5 Standard.

Sadly, the demand for 960 isn't as high as predicted and the pool has remained consistently vacant. Because of this, we have opted for a longer incremental time control of 5+5.

More pools are planned for the future; discuss in the comments section below as to which time controls you would like to see. Top contenders are: 0+1, 2+1, and 3+2. Long time controls are not being strongly considered at this time.

4. Pool and Tournament clocks no longer start immediately. Player clocks are now started after each player has made a move.

However, you must still make your first move within 30 seconds or face automatic forfeiture of the game. You will be notified in-game of the amount of time your have remaining. Additionally, a new game status has been added; lichess is not pretending the player resigned anymore.

5. You can now leave the pool without having to return to the pool lobby.

Players risked being inadvertently paired with another opponent before being able to safetly exit the pool. You can now leave the pool directly from your last completed game.

6. Small tweaks and render improvements to the pool lobby.

The problem of player scores spilling over multiple lines has been resolved. You can always see your stats on the lobby page, even when you haven't entered the pool.

7. Training puzzles now have Disqus threads so you can leave comments on puzzles.

8. You can now cancel pre-moves by right-clicking anywhere on the board.

9. Other general render tweaks, fixes, and optimisations.

10. Chess title LM for Lichess Masters

This is an absolutely unofficial title. We will give it to notable lichess players who didn't pay the money to get an official FIDE title, but play at master level.

There's more to come!

That was just one of the many upgrades of lichess! They happen every day, but we thought we'd let you know about this one.

As always, more goodness is coming off the presses, so stay tuned, and enjoy your games.