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💣 Not a single defeat in inter-club duels 1 on 1!
💣 The number of title players reaches 80!
💣 The worst place in inter-club tournaments with 10 teams - the third!

🔊 Team leader - @chess_kosickii - Peter Kosickii is the author of chess profiles on Instagram, Yandex Zen and TikTok! Leader of many teams! One of the best organizers on Lichess!

🌈 Moderator: @French_Defense

@Chess_kosickii -🏆Organizer of the World Bullet league with a prize pool of $1000!!!

🤝Our friends' teams:

►🌟 🤝 Elite Chess Players' Union 🤝 ☀️
Leader: @AlexTheMysteryMan join this team!

👑Best Fighter of the month: @Tanatov2006 🏆

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